Manchester United fans threaten legal action after Chelsea fixture allocation slashed

Man United's allocation for the Premier League match against Chelsea was reduced after they had already sold out.


Manchester United fans have threatened legal action against Hammersmith & Fulham Council over their decreased ticket allotment for next week’s game against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

United had already sold their away allocation of 2,994 tickets for the game, but their allocation has been reduced, despite talks with Chelsea and the Met Police. Due to “policing concerns,” the force intended to decrease the away allocation practically in half, allowing only 1,500 away spectators at Stamford Bridge.

United pushed back and grudgingly accepted the Met’s decision to reduce the number of away fans in attendance, which is now set at 2,370. The club has since offered fans the opportunity to exchange their Chelsea tickets for another away game against Aston Villa, Fulham, Wolves, or Arsenal.

Manchester United Supporters’ Trust has stated that unless more away fans are allowed to attend the game, they will take legal action. They have published a legal letter in which they state that they “reserve the right to commence judicial review proceedings” against the council “without further notice” if they do not receive a response by midday (UK time) this Friday.

MUST’s representative added the following comment: “Engaging lawyers is usually the last choice for a Supporters Trust, but enough is enough. United fans, and football supporters in general, have had enough of being subjected to unfair and unreasonable choices by councils and police, who appear to regard us as a public order problem rather than ordinary people enjoying a day out. Tickets for this game were sold, and fans were treated as second-class citizens.”

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