Manchester United takeover update issued as Michael Knighton says bid is ‘moving forward’

Michael Knighton announced last month that he is planning to buy Manchester United.


Former Manchester United director Michael Knighton has stated that his plan to make a formal approach to purchasing the club is proceeding “as planned.”


Knighton, who came close to buying United in 1989, said last month that he was preparing a formal proposal to buy the Reds from the Glazer family with the help of a consortium. The 70-year-old is no stranger to Old Trafford, having served on the club’s board of directors following his unsuccessful takeover bid more than 30 years ago.


Last month’s confirmation of Knighton’s interest in purchasing the club elicited a mixed reaction from United fans. Many of them relished the prospect of someone seeking to depose the Glazers, but many questioned whether he possessed the financial means to do so.


Last month, a spokeswoman for fellow British businessman Sir Jim Ratcliffe said that he, too, would be interested in purchasing the club if the opportunity arose. While nothing solid has emerged in recent weeks regarding a potential takeover, Knighton has indicated that his intentions to present an offer are progressing.


“Thank you, all, for the amazing sentiments of support,” Knighton wrote on Twitter. A lot is going on behind the scenes.


“Everything is proceeding as anticipated.” I apologize for not being able to spend more time on this platform; I’ve been swamped with meetings.


“God bless you everyone and best wishes.” Your assistance is highly appreciated.”


Knighton confirmed his interest in buying United last month, telling Man Utd The Religion: “We are a club in crisis, and we all know why.” We have unskilled and basically useless ownership that knows nothing about football.


“Everyone understands that we require new ownership of this football club, and that is my goal and objective.” I’m making good progress, I’m still talking to people, and I’ve gotten some good pledges and funding.


“We’re now working on the offer document.” Remember, this is a hostile bid, which means the club is not officially for sale. But my objective is to make a credible, potent, and commercial offer to these proprietors, saying, ‘You have run out of the road, it’s time to depart because your time is up.’


“And, to be honest, supporters all around the world have had enough of this administration.” The joyful sensation of a new season, which we all have, and that balloon of excitement, it was all shattered by the performance against Brighton. The club is in turmoil and will remain so as long as this current owner is in place.”

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