What Sir Jim Ratcliffe has said about the Glazer family and Manchester United

Sir Jim Ratcliffe was critical of Manchester United’s owners and their transfer spending a few years back.

The prospect of Sir Jim Ratcliffe taking over Manchester United from the Glazers has, predictably, been positively received by fans.


With yet another protest planned for Monday’s game against Liverpool in the midst of the club’s disastrous start to the season, those fans who still have any left have lost all tolerance with the current owners.


On Wednesday, Ratcliffe’s spokesperson confirmed that the tycoon intends to buy United, taking an initial share in the club initially. He is a Reds fan who has been vocal regarding the club’s management in recent years.


He told The Telegraph in 2018 that the club was in a “catastrophic” state. And, in an interview with The Times in 2019, shortly after purchasing Ligue 1 club Nice, he slammed the club’s business since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement.


“To put it plainly, United have spent an enormous lot since Ferguson went and have been poor,” he remarked. “To be honest, shockingly poor.”


Ratcliffe went on to say that his company, Ineos, “never wants to be the foolish money in town, never, never.” “They (United) are in quite a predicament as a corporation,” he summarized.

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