Video – Cristiano Ronaldo fan ends up in hospital after copy of SIU celebration goes wrong

Cristiano Ronaldo's famed SUI celebration may now require a "don't attempt this at home" caution after one imitator was sent to the hospital after scoring.


During a local kickabout, an attempt to imitate Cristiano Ronaldo’s legendary SIU celebration went horribly wrong, sending one ecstatic fan to the hospital.

The spinning jump celebration has followed many of his 800 career goals for Manchester United and Portugal, but not everyone has what it takes to replicate it.

One viral video depicts an ecstatic fan running off after scoring a penalty on a small local pitch, only to see his left knee fail after landing while his companions yelled SUI.

It then switches to a film of the fallen footballer, still in good spirits, being wheeled along what looks to be a hospital hallway by two companions.

The man is then X-rayed while still dressed in his football gear, with a final film showing him enjoying a pizza and a drink in the waiting room.

Since it was posted in March, the 26-second video has received 44 thousand likes and nearly 6,000 retweets, totaling 6.2 million views.

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s!” one viewer said.

“It’s funny…until it happens to you,” a second adds.

“I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time hahaha poor man,” a third wrote.

Ronaldo’s characteristic celebration has delighted fans since his time with Real Madrid, but he initially did it without the accompanying cry when playing for United against Chelsea in 2008.

In 2019, he told, “But it was natural, to be honest.”

“I started doing it after that, and I felt like the fans, when they see me, they’re like ‘Sii,’ and I was like, ‘wow, people remember Cristiano because of the Sii,’ so I kept doing it.”

Ronaldo will be seeking to add to his record of goals before traveling to the World Cup, with Portugal only managing a single goal in the first half of the season, a penalty against Sheriff Tiraspol.

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