‘Hair in the wind’ – Man City man slammed alongside Man United duo after England displays vs Italy

If you’re a Manchester City or Manchester United supporter, you might want to skip Gazzetta Dello Sport today after England’s loss to Italy.


As is customary, the newspaper has supplied its ratings of the game’s performances, ranking everyone, including the managers, out of 10.


They are, like the rest of the European media, relatively tough with their scores, and even Italy, which won the game, does not receive a score higher than a seven.


It’s especially depressing if you’re Luke Shaw, Harry Maguire, Jack Grealish, or Kyle Walker.


Both Manchester United duo receive 5.5 for their performances, with Maguire regarded as assay and a touch awkward,’ a far cry from the defender who was ‘dominant’ in the Euros and named the best center back alongside Leonardo Bonucci.


Shaw, a Manchester United teammate who came on as a second-half substitute for Bukayo Saka, does not fare much better.


He is regarded as a player who “left no trace” on the field, which is a far cry from the man who scored in that Wembley final not long ago.


Over to Manchester City, where Walker receives some of the newspaper’s sharpest criticism.


He is chastised for failing to properly mark Raspadori for his goal and for “letting him do what he wants.”


Elsewhere, he only provided ‘plenty of meaningless balls’ and ‘badly done’ passing in a performance that will be remembered for the wrong reasons.


Manchester City teammate Grealish fared a little better, receiving a 5.5 and prompting the query, “Who is Grealish?”


As far as the newspaper is concerned, that is a question that must be answered because, to them, he is nothing more than ‘hair in the wind’ and a swaggering gait.’


They call him an “alleged trequartista,” but he provides “nothing of substance” to England, at least not in this game.


Overall, it was a humbling evening for the quartet, who should avoid reading this specific Italian newspaper after yesterday night’s performances.

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